Spartan Race è uno sport. Esiste dunque un campionato che ogni anno incorona i migliori alteti Spartan Race in Europa , nel mondo ma anche in ogni Stato.

I campionati non sono riservati solo agli atleti che gareggiano nella categoria Elite! Anche gli atleti Competitive possono prendere parte ai campionati ,mentre gli atleti Open possono iscreversi, nelle apposite batterie dell’evento per vivere la magia della giornata del Campionato insieme ai migliori atleti internazionali.

2016 European Championship heads to Historic Edinburgh, Scotland

The European Championship will take place at Spittal Farm, which is situated within Pentland Hills Regional Park, and only ½ hour drive from Edinburgh City Centre. This iconic Scottish farm provides spectacular views of Galloway Forest Park and Wigtown Bay. Don’t miss the chance to watch Europe’s best athletes compete for the coveted European Championship title.

Top 3 Men’s and Women’s Finishers Prizes

  1. £3,000
  2. £2,000
  3. £1,000

How Do I Qualify For The 2016 European Championship?

The 2016 European Championships will take place in Scotland on 24 July 2016. To participate in the Championship Heat and be eligible for prize money and awards, you will need to qualify.

There are 2 ways to qualify:

  1. The Top10 racers in the Men’s and the Top10 in the Women’s Elite Heats at any European Spartan event will receive an email invitation.
  2. Top Athletes from across Europe will be invited by Spartan. We are talking Olympic gold medalists…winning your local 5K will not count.

Any event from 7 September, 2015 until Saturday prior to the European Championship will provide the opportunity to participate / qualify.

If anyone in the Top10 finishers has already received an invitation, then the 11th place finisher will be invited. If the 11th place finisher already has earned an invitation, it will pass to the 12th place finisher, and so on.

How Do I Register for the European Championship Heat

All Qualified Racers should sign up for the Elite Heat in the European Championship Event.

Start times will be confirmed prior to the race.

Any racers signed up for the Elite heat that have not qualified, will be placed in a second Elite wave for non-qualified racers. If you have any other questions please email

Please note: there is no “championship coin” to be earned for the European Championships, but you will be contacted by email after the race for your invitation.

More Information on the race, prize purse and sign up: CLICK HERE

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