After each Reebok Spartan Race you will be given a point score that is calculated based on your performance against the winner’s time in your gender and age group placement. Your score is then added to 3 main series so you can compare how you stack amongst other Spartans: World Series, Regional Series, and National Series.

Do you have what it takes to be a World Class Athlete?

Please note: updates to rankings are done max. 1 week after the race has taken place.

**To confirm your qualification for any championship event please look at the points column next to your name. If you have a “1” under the points column you have qualified for the specific event. If you have a “0” under the points column you have not qualified for this event.


Include tutte le Spartan Races del mondo dal 1 gennaio al 31 dicembre. Come qualificarsi nel campionato Mondiale ? – Visita la pagina dedicata ai Campionati.

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