2020 Italy National Series

Italy National Series 2020 will be based on 5 races!
Italy National Series 2020 kicks off in Maggiora, followed by stops in Orte, the new entry Cesenatico, Dolomiti Alleghe/Civetta and concludes in Misano, where the series winners will be crowned Misano Adriatico!


  • Maggiora
  • Orte
  • Cesenatico
  • Dolomiti
  • Misano


  • Super
  • Beast
  • Sprint
  • Beast
  • Super


  • 28/03
  • 25/04
  • 31/05
  • 27/06
  • 19/09


Elite and Age Group athletes earn points based on their results from each series race. The more series races are completed, the more points an athlete accumulates. The only compulsory series race is the series finale. The series winners will be crowned at the last event of the series. For every successful finish of a series race, elite and age group athletes get an exclusive regional series medal. The Elite Qualification System is not applied for this event.


The prize money is awarded to individual event winners as well as to the overall winners of the series (elite heats only). Elite and age groups athletes will fight for prizes and for the title of championship.

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